SPAMA is the result of a want, of a familial project and of a love for leatherwork. 

A journey full of pitfalls, here's its story...

Pierre Chardon first knew leatherwork thanks to L'AIGLON, leather specialist, where he began as worker. Back then the company was the world number one in belt manufacture. At 31, Pierre Chardon became head at the buckle workshop.
It was the click, this new sector captivated him. Unfortunately, after 10 years of experience, the company found itself in difficulty and closed the workshop in 1983.
However he didn't give up and took advantage of it by buying the machines with 6 associates, including his little brother, Denis Chardon. All of them were experienced in buckle manufacture. They then created SIBAST. But their goals and techniques were different, and choices were a must...
That is why at the end of 1989, Pierre and Denis decided to take a fresh start and to found a familial company only relying on their experience and want. 
They then created SPAMA and threw themselves on the-top-of-the-range goods market. After some difficult years, their sacrifices payed off, SPAMA is developing and finding recognition.

Ten years later, still active, the company, aiming to be familial, doesn't stop there and two family members join it : Katia and Nicolas Chardon, taking with them a fresh look. Katia assists her dad, Pierre, and a great complicity sets between them, as well as a balance. Denis and his nephew Nicolas work side by side at the design office and their complementarity opens even more possibilities of manufacture and a wider goods range.
Today Pierre and Denis each have more than 25 years of experience in this sector. Still as passionate by leather accessories, they share and pass down their passion and knowledge to those who, like them, love this craft.

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