Jean Bal

Jean Bal

Specialised in packaging production and thermoformed holds.

Located at Longué at the center of the region of Pays de la Loire (french 2nd plasturgist region), the company Jean Bal Thermoformage is specialised in packaging production and thermoformed holds.

It designs and realises its own aluminium moulds.

The thermoforming team handles nine optomised thermoforming lines (6 automatic and 3 semi-automic) and have, to produce moulds, at its disposal cutting edge equipment :
CAM, high-speed and numerically controlled automatic machining posts.

Its design office is provided with 3 dimensions CAD systems, with forms acquisition by digital contacts systems, and with computerised exchanges of data. The principal clientele sectors are luxury (case's holds, display stands, thermoformed boxes and cases, holding,...) consumer's goods (blisters, packaging, holds...) and industry for example with electronic, connection, plastic injection (transport platforms, RAM modules, holds...).

Jean Bal Thermoformage provided itself since 1998, with quality system ensuring both a manufacturing monitoring and an optimal tracability.

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