Emporte Pièces des Mauges

Emporte Pièces des Mauges

EPM one of the rare companies to offer a wide range of "tooling solutions" for supple materials.

Emporte Pièces des Mauges, in Saint Macaire-en-Mauges near Cholet, designs and produces tooling made in order to transform supple materials. 

Its range includes welded or machined-bladed punchers, cutting dies, as well as gluing or machine-stitching patterns.

Created in 1975, EPM provided itself over the years with equipments and efficient precise machines, equally in management and design office and in workshop : CPAM, CAD 2D/3D, CNC machining, laser cut, EDM machine,...

EPM is one of the rare companies in France that can offer such a wide range of "tooling solutions" for supple materials.

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