Pichard balme

Pichard balme

Pichard Balme distinguishes itself in creation, design and exceptional items manufacture.

Our workshop is moved by around a hundred experts at the service of the most demanding customers.
Carrier of a unique savoir-faire in base and precious metal work, Pichard-Balme designs and realises exceptional items (jewelry, leather accessories, decorations,...) for the most prestigious brands. 

Gold, silver, platinum, pewter, bronze and brass work are in the center of our activity.

From varied accessories design to unique items creation, we possess both the culture and the experience of creative and technical challenges.

Sculpture, smelting, machining, stamping, rolling, cutting out, embossing, polishing, engraving, jewelry-making, enameling,... are mastered crafts.

The permanent search for new solutions and innovative spirit improve the expertise and skills of our company. Our equipments, our constant investments, the permanent training of our teams around new technologies, allow our workshop to demonstrate its ability to take up technical challenges, to maintain a creative complicity with the design office that characterises it and allows it to answer to constantly renewed demands by clients form engineering and luxury sector.

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