Pact Europact

Pact Europact

More than 30 years of winning exchanges between professionals

For more than 30 years, Pact Europact has been the honoured partner of fashion, communication, events, housing, decoration professionals. 

Since its renewal in 2006, Pact Europact relies on one belief: be a major player of the luxury industry in leather goods, ready-to-wear and furniture decoration. 

Its activity:
Embroidery and Sequins - Silkscreen printing and printing - Laser cut, box cutter and water jet - Embossing - Hot stamping - Leathercraft workshop - Saddler

Its founding principle:
Technic serves creativity. And each of our 400 collaborators and specialists put it into practice daily !
Our flexibility and our adjustment ability allow us to realise the exceptional good (unique items) such as important set manufacture.
Open to innovation in all its forms and concerned to respond to particular demands , we always contemplate new technical possibilities through our Recherche & Développement department and our styling department.

Pact Europact is essential as an indispensable partner of luxury goods and places its expertise at the service of the greatest brand's images.

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