18 remarkable companies, 18 individual adventures : this is the du Bellay network's prime resource.

Its strenght lies primarily in the value of each membre company, as distinguished by its own specific project.

Companies that are sustained by traditionnal craftsmanship and by innovative methods, by a strong production base or the meeting of new markets, by a company director's ambition or the strength of a family venture. Each with its long story of many twists and turns, adaptations, changes of direction an new growth, these companies are recognised in theri own sectors and in their sphere of production.

A local network an hour and a half away from Paris

These companies, each with its own distinct skill set, have come into contact through their geographic proximity. Experience sharing and company visits have brought many common traits and values to the fore : unique skills, a culture of excellence, innovation and creativity.


The Du Bellay network identity is firmly rooted in the values common to each company resulting in a shared culture.


The companies that comprise the Network each embody a profession,a deep knowledge of the materials used and a mastery of specific techniques. This involves the selection, preparation, enhancement and incorporation and/or finishing processes for each material. These are skills which may form part of the continuation of an authentic tradition but which require the ongoing renewal of methods.


The development of expertise stems from the ongoing search for news solutions and innovative spirit in the du Bellay Network companies. Their continual capacity to take up new technical challenges and to maintain a creative partnership with the design teams means they can meet the ever-changing requirements of clients in the luxury goods sector.


The Du Bellay network shares the culture of excellence prized by the high-end-market. To work for the luxury goods and interior decoration sectors is to share a requirement for the highest quality of design and perfectionism in the manufacturing stages.


The spirit of reciprocity of the network companies has created a natural synergy based essentially on the complementary nature of the skills involved.

It is this diversity of complementarity skills that makes the Du Bellay network a singular and very valuable element for major brands in the luxury goods domain.

Reseau Du Bellay
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